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The Final Look: A Fall Wedding in Telluride

This is Wedding number seven, it is the final wedding we attended last year and it was a destination wedding in Telluride Colorado. In October 2015 we drove there from So Cal, yes, it was a long ride but so worth it. We saw parts of America we would never had seen other wise, some good, some scary. LOL. Also, driving there really helped our bodies acclimate to the elevation change.

I'm going to share some of the looks from our stay as well as the wedding day look.

This Urban Outfitters sweater became a staple for me during the whole weekend.

It was a sweater and boots weekend. Extra bonus: We were able to take our Effie with us.

That's the Mountain Range found on the Coors Light Can. Ladies and Gents this is Wilson Peak.

Oh, and this hat pretty much stayed on my head the WHOLE time too.

And now finally the Wedding Day look:

I found this fun 90's throw back dress at a Thrift Shop. Paired it with the Jacket from a Tom Ford Tuxedo and added a pop of color with: these simple Nine West pumps (recognize them?) a ruby and gold broach and red lips.

At my side is my best accessory... my rock, my love, my husband!

And our sweet baby Effie!

Needless to say Effie was adored at this resort and did not want to leave. None of us did.

At the end of 2015 we went to 7 different Weddings in one year. 2015 was also another year filled with emotional struggles for me personally so I looked forward to each wedding as a way to remind myself that life is to be celebrated. It was almost as if the universe knew I needed THIS many weddings to help me get through an extremely tough year.

Our Telluride excursion was exactly what both me and my husbands soul needed. In Telluride all the guests bonded, as you would expect with a destination wedding. It was an magical experience. My husband and I also went to see the Grand Canyon. I mean since we were so close we took the opportunity to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Here is "The North Rim" of the Grand Canyon people. And YES, standing at its edge just takes your breath away.

Was so fun sharing these Wedding Looks with you. Hope they help inspire you in some way. Just drop me a line and let me know.



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