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2020 Demo Reel 



Starring with Tristin Mays

Unmute to listen. 

Voice Over

I did some voice over work for SAP. Here's a sample of the final campaign. 

My Mom and The Girl

Starring with Valerie Harper (in her final performance)

Unmute to listen.

A Life, Taken (Trailer)


Natalie Bacci is a New York City Police Detective. Natalie's life is coming apart at the seams. Anger, Shame and guilt have eaten away at her humanity. 'A Life, Taken' follows Natalie's journey as she comes to terms with her life. Letting go of the past is her only salvation - WILL SHE BE ABLE TO DO IT?



My husband says I dance in 3D which makes me smile. I know right, he is too much. Dance was my first form of expression - from the days when my mother would take me to dance class as a child - me clutching my baby blue dance case that held all my diff shoes in diff compartments lol.


Dance has always been incredibly healing for me - whether on a stage, on a dance floor, at home or in dance class. Its the place I go to heal it always has been and always will be.

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