Here's a little bit about me...


My first name, its "DawnMarie" yup, its all one name. My parents passed away by the time I was 5 years old so I never got a chance to ask why they gave me the name.  As a way of honoring them I always go by my full name. 


I am a Native New Yorker, raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in an area known as "the Two Bridges" (a neighborhood made famous in Scorsese's "Gangs of New York" it sits in between the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.) I am of Italian and Puerto Rican descent and a little known fact about me is that I am related to Rita Moreno.


As an ity-bity little one I was enrolled in dance classes. I can still remember being so excited with my first pair of tap shoes that I would practice every day in the house - my brother just LOVED this!!! Oh and one fun/crazy fact about me...  I made my TV debut on Romper Room, yes, ROMPER ROOM.

I got my acting  foundation at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. At the BHP I had the distinct honor of studying with Milton Katselas (he has since passed away, and I miss him so much, with every one of my wins I can mentally see his little smirk of pride). While at the BHP I also studied with Richard Lawson. When Richard started his own school I studied at his studio (Richard Lawson Studios) and served as his Executive Director for a number of years.


What have I been up to?


I've been writing a lot.  For more information on those things HERE


I just got back from filming in India, yes, India. Its a pilot for a really interesting show. Will share more information when I can. 


You can see me on an episode of NCIS and on a new series called "Solve" its an interactive murder mystery episodic based on real life events. Its headed and distributed through Elizabeth Murdocks company, Vertical Networks via Snap Chat. We have 5 million views a day... yes, A DAY!

Currently, I'm in a powerful short film titled, "Breathe." Written and directed by Devon Stewart. I'm one of the leads and play opposite Tristin Mays. The films message continues the #MeToo dialogue as it focus' on how survivors navigate the healing process. The film is now available on Amazon Prime 

I'm in a feature film titled "Dead Women Walking", written/directed by Hagar Ben-Asher and produced by BlackPills. DWW premiered at the 2018 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL. Its a Feature Narrative of Nine vignettes that depict the stages leading to execution for women on death row in an emotional account of the human toll of the death penalty—on both the inmates and those they encounter in their final hours.  I play Maria, a corrections officer who is assigned to Death Row inmates. 


AND I'm in a wonderful short film by Susie Singer Carter called "My Mom And The Girl." The film stars Valerie Harper and Liz Torres and handles the delicate subject of Alzheimer's with humor and heart. In the film I play, Officer Pecora, I encounter Norma (played by Valerie Harper) and Irlanda (played by Liz Torres) on the streets of Los Angeles. MMATG had an incredible festival circuit run all leading to becoming Oscar Qualified. The film is now available on Amazon Prime. 

You can check out some of my work on my REELS PAGE

In May 2012 my husband and I started our own production company called Vero Films(pronounced Veh-row; Italian for Real, Truth). Our company's main focus is on producing films that inspire and educate. We produce stories based on real life events and we intend to produce documentaries as well. For more information on my production company visit the site at VERO FILMS


"A Life, Taken" (the film I wrote, produced and star in) was the first project for Vero Films. It premiered at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and screened successfully at other festivals. I continue to work on developing it into a Feature Film. 

On the TOXIN FREE lifestyle path

In my trailer. Shooting an episode of Castle 

Camera ready 

DawnMarie Ferrara as Detective Jonesy in the TV Mini-series  "Hell's 9th Circle"


I started working with Young Living Essential Oils in the Summer of 2017, these oils had such a profound impact on my life that I am now a Health and Wellness Rep for the company and I LOOOOVE helping others begin their journey towards a toxin-free lifestyle. 

One Tip: start where you are and make small choices. Big changes come from small doable choices and actions. You can learn more about getting started on the Toxin-free path here:  "Essentially DawnMarie" 

Oh and if you are interested in personal energy work, check out my Intro to Chakra Series on YouTube.

© 2019 DawnMarie Ferrara.

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