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Summer Lovin' & a Summer Wedding

Wedding number six took place in July of 2015. I had already planned on having my hair professionally done and boy was I thankful for that decision. I couldn't have anticipated it but there was an intense summer rainstorm that day. My naturally curly hair would have been completely unmanageable.

THE DAY OF: To help my hairstylist pull the up-do together I went to the salon armed with photos and links to YouTube tutorials. YES! And you know what... we used them all. The final look was a combination of a couple different looks.

TIP: I don't dye my hair - yup this is all natural. The up-do's I liked looked great on the models but all had color treated hair with highlights and lowlights. These processes create a wonderful texture and depth that my natural hair color just doesn't have. My hairstylist had to start over a couple times because some braids just disappeared within the darkness of my tresses.

MAKE-UP: I opted for classic winged liner on my eyes and a red lip.

THE DRESS: My decision to have my hair done was fueled by the maxi dress I purchased for the wedding. It was so simple and classic; it was a perfect canvas to go with bolder hair and jewelry.

ACCESSORIES: Honestly I've had this necklace for years - it’s made of natural stone (aquamarine) and was a birthday present from my husband. I loved that the dress had a keyhole back which allowed for the beautifully braided cord of the necklace to be appreciated.

I also added a couple simple gold bangles on my wrist.

SHOES: Nine West (of course). These are the shoes I wore to the All-White April Wedding.

BAG: I wore a vintage, art deco, clutch I found at a thrift store.

There wasn't a photo booth at this wedding but that didn't stop me.


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