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And 1 week later...

Spring Wedding #2

The second April wedding we attended was literally one week later. After stressing over the all-white affair the previous weekend I craved to wear black. This structured, asymmetrical LBD was exactly what I needed.

TIP 1: In our society of "disposable clothing" it really pays off to have some well made, designer items hanging in your closet. Procuring these fancy threads doesn't have to break the bank though. You can find items at: end of season sales at high end boutique shops, visiting thrift stores that only carry designer labels or if you're like me, it totally pays to have an Aunt with impeccable taste who wears the same dress size. This dress is vintage mid- 1990's from Cache.

TIP 2: When cleaning out your closets think twice about tossing staple items. Honestly, this dress has been hanging in my closet for a couple of years. This little black dress survived countless closet purgings because it IS an LBD and its so well made I figured one day it would have its time to shine.

The harsh asymmetrical hemline and structured strapless bodice made me think of the 1960's. So it was all about keeping the look sleek and minimal. To highlight the era I created a Barbarella-inspired hairstyle and kept the make-up classic and simple.

Can we talk about this fab statement necklace for a moment? It is a family heirloom and belonged to my husbands grandmother. Whenever I wear it I instantly feel very regal. And What doesn't scream 1960's more than these sparkly gold heels? I purchased them from Nine West a couple seasons ago and by now they have many miles on them.

shoes: Nine West

We ended the night with some Wedding Photo Booth Fun

Wedding Photo Booth fun

Just a quick refresher, this was our 4th Wedding in four months. This is when we felt we earned the tile of "Professional Wedding Guests" and at this point in time we still had three more weddings to attend.

I am currently finalizing the last wedding look, its for a wedding in Colorado, and its our first and only destination Wedding this year. We are looking forward to this celebration-filled, family vacay.

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