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Spring 2015 Weddings

Spring Wedding #1

We had two weddings to attend in April. For the first wedding we were given a dress code of all white. YES, ALL WHITE. I am the worlds biggest clutz so I was stressing over this outfit. Knowing that we were going to be near the water I envisioned a relaxed, easy but polished look so I created a "RESORT" look.

Found this midi-skirt and crop top at Angl - BONUS - the skirt has pockets! (If you've been reading my style blog you know of my love of pockets in dresses and skirts). I then found this great Mercer&Madison relaxed blazer on sale at Marshalls.


Since my outfit had the whole Spring 2015 cut out/lace trend throughout I continued it with my shoes and purse. Honestly these fabulous shoes were my only splurge. They are Nine West so they didn't completely break the bank.

TIP 1: If you listen to nothing else, HEED THIS ADVICE: You have to wear comfortable shoes to these types of events or you will be walking around barefoot in no time - which is not a cute look nor is it hygienic (lol)

I found the perfect purse for my rockin' shoes at one of my favorite stores: M. Fredrick.

Jewelry: I kept it to a bohemian look. I layered gold chains, a gold cuff for my wrist and this fun statment ring.

TIP 2: Try to find outfits that you can wear again. Unless you are in the wedding party there's no reason for a ball gown. When shopping for all these wedding looks I kept the idea of how I could re-tool the looks in the back of my mind.

The best thing about this particular wedding look is that it's comprised of separates. I have already recycled parts of this look... recongize the top and the blazer?

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